Our Story: Flying high with a Sold out launch at Hosur

Stepping foot into a new territory can be exhaustive with a wide array of challenges. We at Bharathi home have a knack to take up such challenges and turn them into successful ventures. MSK Bharathi nagar was one such challenging project where Bharthi homes made its entry into Hosur market, with the launch of independent villas spread across an acre. Hosur being a 3rd tier market, wasn’t fetching us the desired outcome.

Did we miss anything ?

Do people know about us ?

Was the quoted price not apt for the area ?

Was it a questionable business move to launch villas in Tier 3 market ?

Tons of questions, and no definite answer in a dynamic market, with time slipping away from our hands like an hourglass on rush. 

An idea is what is needed to make a vision come to life, and that is when Bharathi homes introduced the concept of affordable living in a geography where it wasn’t a common notion.

1 BHK at 6 Lakhs !!

In a span of 18months , we launched 24 compact 1BHK’s ranging between 330 sq.ft to 375 sq.ft., a competitive price point to not burn a hole in your pocket. 

by Bharathi Homes | 30th November, 2018

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