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Bharathi Homes is built around the idea that everyone should be able to find the perfect home that complements who they are, what they do, and who they want to be. To that end, we want to empower people to come home to, well...home.

Exciting challenges lie ahead—new regions, technologies, and businesses. Guided by our four core values, we’ll meet these challenges creatively and with the support of our global community. Work with us!

See Yourself in Us

Building spaces that bring people together in the real world is both inspiring and daunting. Rather than throw up values as words, we’ve chosen to embody them in personalities or archetypes that you can easily recognise.

These are the people we want to work with, want to live around, want to build short, who we want to be. If you see yourself in any of our personas below, we’d love to have you on board.

The Curious Cat
We are incurably curious. We keep asking questions, and looking in the most unlikely places for answers. We fall. We fail. And we use up every one of our nine lives :-)

The Tinkerer
We are inventors who spend time making things, breaking things, and just obsessing with how things work, and how we can make them work better.

The Collaborator
We look for, and treasure, those who don’t hoard their secret sauce, who are willing to share, to learn, and find personal joy in community development and progress. We want you to be someone who believes that when you share something, it becomes dis-proportionally larger.

The Agnostic
We believe in Divine Disbelief, because we want answers, And diversity of thought, not dogma. We are not aligned to any one stream of consciousness and will adopt and adapt to anything that furthers the cause of those we serve.

The Child
In a world that is too grown-up, cynical and jaded, we cherish a child’s innocence and ability to see the same old thing with new eyes each day. We believe that play is the best form of learning, and that we can make the world a better place if only we feed our inner child.

The Mindful Friend
Empathy can’t be taught. But it can be learnt. By putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. By understanding that what they treasure from you, is not something expensive, but something thoughtful. Whether you buy a gift, or build a home, what is more remembered and precious, is how much of yourself you put into it.

The Conscience Keeper
Without getting into virtue-signalling, we are clear that all the above values are invalidated if we don’t have a moral compass to navigate our journey. And while one person’s ethics may differ from others, we are clear that honesty, integrity, transparency and the rule of law are non-negotiable. Whether it be in our relationships, our commitments, our financial dealings, or how we conduct ourselves, we shall be honest and incorruptible. And we expect those who work with us, for us, and who we work for, to shine the light back and hold us accountable.

The Green Thumb
We are conservationists at heart, and try to invest into evea touch of green in everything we do. Whether it be trying to fit in plants and foliage in gardens and in unusual spaces, or in technologies that preserve the environment, or in green materials and methods, we prefer spending time with those who are concerned about the natural world, and are willing to spend time and effort to sustain it..


3 - 10 years of experience in Residential Real Estate

3 - 10 years of Sales Experience in Commercial Real Estate

4+ years of Design & Architecture Experience in Residential & Interior Projects

1 - 4 years of Experience in Graphic Design using various Software Tools . Should own a Laptop

4+ years of experience in Business Development for Infra, Interior & Contraction solutions

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